Sunday, 1 November 2009

your twenties

 For BBC.

ITC: Your Twenties @ Moho Live

The bassist from electronic dance pop act Metronomy steers a new boat in the form of London quartet Your Twenties. On board joining him are three others masterfully disguising their comparable inexperience, performing track after track of completely lovely songs in the depths of Moho’s basement venue. Their mid-ITC slot is perfectly timed for new music enthusiasts and still fully-charged industry know-hows alike who mill about the place stopping in their tracks to give the ‘curious mix of upbeat, keys-driven alt pop and west coast-styled rock fusion’ a listen. The guys have the handsome looks, charming composure and pretty distinct sound cocktailed for success and the music is reminiscent of Rooney, layered with far more British vocals; Caught Wheel sparked recognition throughout the place perhaps for its superb unmistakably infectious pop-riff. Confusingly, Gold sounded like trippy Death Cab, which is testament to their varied sound from song to song. With their single Billionaires, produced by the legendary Steven ‘Smiths and Blur’ Street, to be put out on up-and-coming hip label Neon Gold Records, their way to some larger degree of success is surely already paved.

Alexandra Pereira

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