Sunday, 1 November 2009


for Student Direct.

 Ellie Goulding @ Night and Day

The name on many girls and boys’ lips (or fellow addicts of with Hype Machine) is Ellie Goulding. Her intensely catchy-sans-monotony tunes have a Coco Rosie lyrical range of soft but strongly sung and intensely beautiful melodies amidst flickering drums and dancey keyboards. Her loyal producer, co-writer and friend Starsmith is present tonight, complimenting her blog-hit ‘Starry Eyed’ with louder than loud electronic percussion and synths. During one or two tracks Ellie bangs a drum in suspiciously Florence-esque fashion, and her performance indeed lacks the confidence of one of her many female counterparts of the present. Notably though is Goulding’s capacity of entertaining an unsure and unknowing crowd, and as the lone Andre 3000-imitating fan at the front would testify, she does not fail to impress considerably for someone relatively new to critical success. Her music and unassuming demeanour has impressed and attracted the attention of the likes of Frankmusik and man of the moment Mark Ronson, and with songs such as debut single ‘Under The Sheets,’ securing without fail pop gold, Ellie Goulding is beginning to make her presence known.

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