Tuesday, 17 November 2009


For Student Direct:


Chairlift @ Academy 2
4 stars

CHARMING AND INOFFENSIVELY TWEE is on the menu tonight as another Brooklyn band hit our shores, supporting French pop rock act Phoenix. For a drizzly and newly freezing winter night, Chairlift sweep away any chills and play a delectable collection of songs from their second album released by Kanine Records, Columbia. Strangely, Chairlift are put in the same bracket as friends MGMT, and though they sound lands apart, have not hit the popularity mark of those they keep company with back across the pond. Their songs - amongst the best are ‘Garbage,’ ‘Planet Health,’ and radio-familiar ‘Bruises’- include super soundscapes and complicated keyboard and looping effects, not to mention interchangeable instrumentalists in the form of Aaron, Patrick and Caroline. Tonight, a real life drummer replaces their usual drum machine, and is the transmitter of great effect for a band who are sometimes deemed limited live. Beautiful Caroline is delicate, calming and sexually provocative with lyrics like ‘we made love with each other’s eyes…’ and (less romantic but wonderfully honest) ‘our intercourse was well-protected.’ Strange, other-worldly yet down-to-earth romantic lyrics (‘I tried to do handstands for you, I’m permanently black and blue for you’) vocals and slightly post-apocalyptic songs later, my heart is lifted from the dreary outside reality and won by wonderful Chairlift.


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