Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Manchester creative duo Mark Christian Edwards and Ryan Doyle produce work that is abstract but serves a purpose; whether bringing together frustrated artistic minds, making CD cover art or constructing political guerilla postering, their aims to aesthetically please and challenge are limitless and quite beautiful.

What is it that you guys do?

DR.ME is a creative collective, we've been working together for a couple of years having met on our first day at Uni. We are friends before being colleagues. enjoy working on small projects as much as we enjoy large projects.Our first show has just concluded at Common exhibition space in Manchester. We push collaboration and interaction with clients and fellow creatives alike.

What or who are your strongest artistic influences?

Gilbert & George, Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Bruno Munari, Hort, Alan Fletcher, Manchester... ( how it is not how it was ). And Mike Perry. Since graduating we went to New York to work with illustrator Mike Perry at his studio in Crown Heights. In New York we featured in a Skateboard exhibition in Chelsea, taught at Parsons School of Design, and released a selection of t-Shirts for a really small shop in Crown Heights - Mike thought it was really funny that two white guys from Manchester were designing T-Shirts based on Brooklyn for a hip hop apparel shop in Crown Heights.

What's in the making?

We are currently in the planning stages of creating a space that is part Gallery part Shop part Studio in Manchester as well as continuing with our personal practice. It will be called The Waiting Room. We're also putting together an exhibition install for Urban Outfitters and creating a mural for a major sports brand, as well as continuing with our personal practice.


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