Monday, 26 October 2009

'Being a popstar, I'm playing myself'

For Student Direct.

It’s a classy affair as Pixie Lott prepares to take to the landmark stage of…the Arndale Shopping Centre, Manchester. Ok, so not her most glamorous venue to date, but Pixie is, for midday on a Sunday, dressed to kill in trademark and literally ‘less is more’ attire. But on being asked about that FHM cover (the prime reason of a lot of my male associates’ acute jealousy at this interview), Pixie is quick to deny selling her sexuality. How does she feel about being a pin-up? ‘Am I?’ Perhaps a little too unassumingly. Lott is soon a lot more frank about the whole situation, and really very grounded for her eighteen years. ‘I don’t really think about it to be honest. I don’t read all the other lads mags, but in the FHM shoot, in fairness, I wore practically the same thing as in the Mama Do video. It doesn’t really phase me!’

Grilled on her thoughts of the current female presence within the pop music industry, Pixie mentions not the popularised likes of La Roux, Florence and the dastardly Little Boots but reveals a long time penchant for singers, ironically, based less on the image and simply beholding strong, austere voices. ‘I still just love Adele, my favourite UK artist… does she count as new?’ Known for her own anything-but-meek dulcet tones, Lott was designed for the centre stage after being schooled at the famous Italia Conti Theatre School in London. ‘I think it really helped in the way that shows, to me, became like second nature. I don’t get nervous at all. I absolutely always loved acting and I find talking to the crowd really easy. I did a lot of musical theatre and wanted to get away from that really with my live performances.’ So why the pop business? ‘I feel you aren’t like playing a character…I am just there as myself onstage. But I do wanna make my shows massive, bigger and better.’

But not one to be heralded your typical stage school bubblegum popstar- hark Martine McCutcheon, Billie Piper, Posh Spice… Pixie reveals a rougher side with her weakness for bands like Kings of Leon, Arctic Monkeys and (sadly) The Kooks. ‘I saw MGMT when I played at V Festival this summer and it was actually the best thing I’ve ever seen. They make such good music to jump to.’ So it’s not all Les Miserábles ballads dominating Pixie’s iPod then. ‘I listen to and am inspired by everything from show songs to soul.’ Her mix of genres whilst sticking to a mainstream-approved formula of polished looks, catchy choruses and a distinct air of confidence in her work explain Pixie Lott’s rise to commercial success over recent months; fresh from her MTV European New Act nomination, Pixie shows her unaffected excitement at being a part of something so huge. ‘I just can’t wait to be going to the ceremony really!’ The next year holds within it plans to crack the US, and a possible collaboration with a Spanish artist. Does she speak Spanish? ‘Not a word. And I have to sing in it as well!’ Better dust off those theatre school skills and get learning the lines then, Pixie.

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